Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints to consider when sharing a story:

  • A recommended length for your reason is between 50 – 150 words. It’s important that it’s at least a few sentences long and is in clear plain language.

  • Please try to keep your videos to 90 seconds max.

  • Submitting a good quality photo (head shot) will strengthen the chances of your reason being featured on the website.

  • When submitting, let us know how you would like to be identified. Can we use your first name or should we use a pseudonym?

  • Reasons can be submitted in any language. If not submitted in English or te reo Māori, please provide a translation and the name of the language.

Thanks for sharing!

Note: We may slightly edit stories for clarity in line with the above pointers. We’ll get in touch if we need to update anything, we’ll let you know if your reason goes public, and we will ask you if we want to use it in any other way.