Vote to fix the health crisis

NZNO members have been meeting with MPs and candidates across the country and asking them to support our fixes to end the nursing shortage crisis.

Our demands:

  1. A health system that addresses inequities for Māori
  2. 4000 more nurses recruited, trained and on the job – this includes higher percentages of Māori and Pasifika nurses. We need 4000 more nurses in place as quickly as possible. We need an increased percentage of Māori and Pasifika nurses so people receive health care that fits with their culture. We need fair nurse-to-patient ratios.
  3. Pay lifts that value all nurses. We need pay and conditions that: value nurses right across the health sector, attract more nurses, keep nurses in the job. This includes sustainable funding for Pay Parity.
  4. Funded training to be a nurse: We need accessible government-funded training so more people become nurses; and ongoing funded training once someone is a nurse.

More about our fixes here: