1. Vote to fix the health crisis

How do the parties records stack up, particularly when it comes to funding the health system we need? Which party will deliver for nurses and health workers if they are part of the government after October 14?

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2. Create and share #thenurseweneed

3. Sign the petition

People are not getting the health care they need due to massive shortages of nurses and other health care workers. 

This election, we’re calling on political parties to commit to 4000 more nurses trained and on the job, plus more. Sign our petition to show your support.

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4. Take action for safe staffing

NZNO members are taking the following actions to fix short staffing in their health care workplaces.

  1. Taking worksite action including using relevant contractual and health and safety processes.
  2. Building community support to sustainably fix short staffing through informational pickets, market stalls and community stalls.

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Get involved in what's happening in your area