We need nurses petition!

Our health system is in crisis. People are not getting the health care they need due to massive shortages of nurses and other health care workers.

This election, we’re calling on political parties to commit to:

  • 4000 more nurses trained and on the job
  • pay that values the nursing workforce right across the health sector and attracts more nurses
  • te Tiriti being upheld across our health services to remove inequities.

We have 13222 of our 50000 signature goal.

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Maranga Mai! - Rise up!

We need nurses!

We can fix the nursing shortage and ensure better patient care through the following:

  1. te Tiriti firmly upheld in all health settings so Māori have equal access to a health system that works for them
  2. 4000 more nurses in place as quickly as possible and fair nurse-to-patient ratios
  3. pay and conditions that value nurses right across the health sector and keep them in the job. This includes sustainable funding for Pay Parity
  4. training that is affordable and accessible so more people study and stay on to become nurses
  5. more Māori and Pasifika nurses so people receive health care that fits with their culture.